Green Cleaning

Optimum Source is committed to utilizing environmentally friendly cleaning products as part of its green cleaning options. We focus on using eco-friendly safe products to reduce contaminations. We utilize microfiber technologies, technologically advanced cleaning equipment, and green cleaning products to increase cleaning efficiencies and reduce cost. Our staff is trained in green cleaning service best practices and techniques. Once we take on any new project, our objective is to conduct an evaluation of all cleaning supplies currently being used by the client. We educate our clients on non-toxic cleaning products, and detergent-free cleaning products acknowledged by the Food and Drug Administration as safe and the put together a comprehensive proposal for an environmentally friendly cleaning solution. Our green cleaning strategies ensures that our staff uses:

  • Microfiber Systems
  • Floor matting
  • HEPA/ULPA Vacuums
  • Cleaning Products Free of Perfumes and Dyes
  • Cleaning Products Free of Chemicals
  • Cleaning Products Free of Allergic Sensitivities
  • Specialized Chemical Dispensing Systems

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